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Wayne’s Pale Ale Soap!

May 11, 2010

Made with Pale Ale and Scented with Bay Rum Essential oil


Sailing the Seven Seas is tiring work, but soon you discover the curious Island of Wayne.  

The natives make the best Pale Ale in world!  Food is cooked in it.  Hair is washed in it.  Soap is even made with it.  You delight in bringing samples of kegs and soap back for the King of Spain.  

 Sadly you won’t find this in the history books, since none of it made it back to the king! 

Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap! 

Back to reality,  a place I don’t often travel,  the natural sugar in beer adds lather to this fine soap.  Bay Rum essential oil (pimenta racemosal) has a clove like scent.

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