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What’s New for May 29?

May 16, 2010
Coffee Soap

Coffee soap made with Grains of Sense® organic fair trade hand-roasted artisan coffee


Magellan’s Gift is always striving for the best ingredients from around the world.   We found it locally with Grains of Sense ® coffee at our local Harrisonburg, VA farmer’s market.  This is a super hand soap for the kitchen.  

Swirled Spearmint Soap with Dots!


 Spearmint soap with a new look!    This soap has the best  American spearmint essential oil.   It will be available at the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market in Virginia on May 29.      

Trinidad Frog Soap!


I found a discontinued mold that I’ve wanted for a long time, so let me introduce   “The Frogs”.    It will also be available May 29.  There are only three and will be sold first come first served.   I will be making more in the next week, but remember they need to cure for around four weeks.  

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