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Soaps of August!

August 18, 2010

Island Madness Soap


 Island Madness is the new name for Orange Mango Madness Soap.   It is the same wonderful bar, mildly scented with five fold orange essential oil.  Mango butter  still makes this a great bar of soap.  Note the surf tumbled brain coral, a gift from my Sister.

Soap scented with orange patchouli essential oil


 This soap is scented with orange and patchouli essential oils.  I’ve shown a top and a bottom picture  of  my soap to show the detail of my bars.  The colored swirls go through the whole bar.  It’s fun to see how the swirls change with use.  The bottom soap edges are beveled as well as the corners.    No two batches are the same.


Southwest Canyon Soap


 Adventure and discovery in my childhood was exploring the canyons of  Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego.  The natural terrain is chaparral.  This is a plant community that consists of densely growing evergreen scrub oaks and other drought resistant shrubs.    I remember the smell of sage in the air and the mild breezes from the sea.   Sadly all of the canyons of my childhood are now subdivisions and little natural land exists.  This bar of soap takes me back to the native  beauty of the land, great hikes with friends and my beloved dogs.        

I’ve feature just three of many soaps that will be available in August.   A total of eight batches will be coming off cure during the month.        

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  1. September 6, 2010 4:16 PM

    Lori, OH MY! Those are beautiful! I especially love, love, love the Island Madness.


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