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Harvest Moon Soap!

September 11, 2010
Harvest Moon Soap

This year the Harvest Moon will be Sept 23.  It  was named for the early rising moon that helps the farmers harvest late into the evening under the light of the full moon.  Other names for this moon are the Wine Moon, the Elk Call Moon and the Singing Moon.  Do not confuse this moon with the hunter’s moon that occurs in October!    

 This fall take time to notice the changes of the season and watch the sky for the rise of the early moon and give thanks for the bounty of this season.

 I  think  that Autumn is not celebrated enough as we rush off to ready ourselves for Christmas.   I often hear my friends talk of decorating for the winter holiday before they have celebrated Thanksgiving.

I adore the fall!  It brings back memories of campfires, fall leaves, acorns, apples, cider, festivals, crisp days and a  golden hue to the sunlight. 

 So for this fall, I bring back my Harvest Moon Soap!  It smells of anise, clove, orange essential oils and is  decorated with a star anise pod.  It features both rosehip oil and ground rosehips.   This is a terrific hand soap as well as a whole body shower bar.

Let’s celebrate the farmer, the harvest and the moon!

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