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Samar Soap

September 23, 2010

Bronze Mica Stamp in Samar


 I’ve been making Samar Soap for three years and I just came up with a new look.  Samar is a difficult soap because of  its tendency to harden really fast, so  pretty swirls are out for this bar of soap.  I have been playing with handcrafted stamps dipped in mica and I think you will find this a dramatic improvement.  

Samar Soap was named for one of the Islands in Magellan’s epic travels to find new trade routes.  I use sustainable red sandalwood for it’s unsual color and the scent is an exotic floral.  Micas are skin safe pigments that you see used in mineral makeup.  

So remember…..  

Mica stamped soap


Exceptional Soap for Life’s Adventures ~  Magellan’s Gift™ 

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  1. Hollyn permalink
    September 23, 2010 11:17 PM

    I loved it before for the smell, now it’s even beautiful!


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