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Mojito is back!

October 22, 2010

Intricate controlled swirl

Mojito is back by request!   Made with lime and spearmint essential oils for a refreshing shower or bath, smells as good as it looks.

The top swirl is made with swirling wands, a tool based on ancient marbling equipment.

The wand is like a large comb.  I used both thick pinned wands and thin pinned wands spaced very close to achieve this look.    With two horizontal swipes and two vertical swipes  I was finished!   Quick is important as soap hardens quickly.

The swirl goes through the whole bar

I want the swirl to go through the whole bar, so you can enjoy both its function and beauty all the way down to a sliver.  When making this soap I start with a method called “swirl in the pot”.  This gives me two chances for a successful swirl.  The top is a very controlled and the rest is created by the flow of the soap in the pot to the mold.  A little luck is involved – sometimes the soap fairies help you out and sometimes you get gremlins.

Swirl wands are made by my request by Rich Bartko of .   We are still tweaking the design, but I’m pleased with what they can do for soap swirls and will be available soon.

Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap ~ Magellan’s Gift™

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