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Soaps for the Holidays!

November 10, 2010
Stamped with a Holiday Tree

My Samar soap is  ready for the holidays;  it is stamped in bronze mica with an evergreen tree.   The last batch sold out in 3 Saturdays.  This edition is stamped with both  an all season tree and this holiday  version.  Sales begin  Nov 13!

Follow the Star!

My Bethlehem Star soap is emblazoned  with a star stamp created by Rich Bartko, my inventive moldmaker,  just in time for the second batch!   This seasonal soap smells of frankincense, myrrh, vanilla and shimmers  with gold mica.

While surfing the net, I came upon an interesting website by Michael Molnar, author of the book, The Star of Bethlehem: The legacy of the Magi.  It talks of the purchase of an ancient coin that has led to  important clues about the Star of Bethlehem .  A great read and a really cool coin!

Pretty pattern made with an imprint mat!

Last, but not least: a good American spearmint soap!  Refreshing, but strong for a good wake up in the shower!   The design is made by placing an imprint mat in the bottom of the mold and carefully pulling it off of the soap during mold removal.  I see this as a great break through in soap design and I have high hopes of creating custom liners for my soaps.    

 These are  just a few of the upcoming soaps for your pleasure and gift giving.  Please remember it takes my soap 4 weeks to cure, so if it isn’t made within the next week it won’t be available until after the New Year.  So shop early.

Lori Curry ~ Magellan’s Gift™ ~ Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!

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