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A little silk for Valentines Day!

February 2, 2011

Soap made with super premium USA peppermint essential oil and Bangalore Peace Silk


I’ve been anxiously awaiting  to announce this new soap

 Here it is . . . drum roll. . . Peppermint Silk Soap!  

 I’ve made peppermint soap before, but with the regular grades of peppermint that smell more green to me.  This premium US peppermint smells like candy and I swear a bit like chocolate.  It makes for a refreshing shower and is very suitable for year round use.    It is cooling, but not cold. 

The second new ingredient is real silk, and again, not just any silk.  I purchased cocoons from Bangalore, India that are raised on small family farms that are a strain of silk unique to that country.   The cocoons are  also known as peace or ahimsa silk, which means that the moth is not killed, as in regular silk.  Instead, the moths emerge, mate, lay eggs and die happy.  I also like that no pesticides are used in the production of this product.  Peace silk is not the very best for spinning silk, because the moth when emerging breaks the strains to be free, but it is an indulgent  luxury in soap! 
So, on a day of adventure and hope of discovery, I ordered  the cocoons, they arrived,  and I could see that the moths had indeed left (thank goodness) for hopefully happy lives.   I  cleaned as instructed, boiling them in water with soap.  I’ve pictured the result, but the photograph does not pick up the shine of the silk.Bangalore Peace silk-degummed
The silk dissolves completely in the soap and imparts a silky quality.  I’m pleased with the outcome and the feed back on this new creation.
The best part of this journey is hearing about the Bangalore silk farms that were visited by one of my soap connoisseurs  in his youth.    He described an amazing experience.   I like the journey, even if I don’t reach the destination!   ( I guess I’m more voyeur then voyager)  Ah well, until the next adventure & discovery in fine soap, Bon Voyage! And, I mean that in the best virtual sense.
Lori Curry
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  1. Mary Pauly permalink
    February 2, 2011 7:21 PM

    these are so beautiful–I hope you made many many batches of these-everyone will want 4 or 5—I have a cook friend who only likes peppermint soap–swears by it to get rid of fish odors, etc.


  2. February 19, 2011 10:04 PM

    Your soaps are really wonderfull.
    Congratulations about your good work.


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