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Tangerman Soap!

June 25, 2011

Tangerman Soap!

 I most likely drive my loyal customers nuts at times.   I’m renaming Tango with a Little Mango because this batch of soap just  begged me to.   I’m a wimp when the soap begs.   So I bless this soap with another new name:  Tangerman Soap!   The latest name is well, different.  I like different.   I suspect with time I will have a story about Mr. Tangerman.

This soap has my basic favorite oils–olive, organic palm, coconut, castor, and to make it really special, I’ve made it richer with mango butter and evening primrose.  The  scent of Tangerman soap is of five-fold tangerine and lavender essential oil.  It smells like better days to come: a calming moment, and then a surprise,  you’re serene and  peaceful, but ready to dance for joy.   The soap just begged for a special name.

The color of this soap starts with bright  yellow-orange caused by the five-fold tangerine essential oil.     I used rose clay on the heavy side for brick color swirls and lavender fields ultramarine for the lavender color.  Both colors are very skin safe.   As you use the bar new swirls will unfold.   It is a happy bar of soap!    So why the Tangerman?  Perhaps for the tangerine and mango?  You will have to ask the soap!

As always Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!

Lori Curry

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