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The Sirens’ Song

November 23, 2011

A new swirled soap scented with lavender, ylang ylang and a tiny amount of patchouli

Magellan‘s crew worried about going over the edge, literally, after all, the world is flat.  The short captain from Portugal, who insisted the world was round, might be right, for they had been at sea for awhile. But even so, everyone knows about the #!&@*!  sea creatures and the sirens.  Today, they thought they did hear music, so the talk turned to just what sirens are and what to expect.  Sirens can be half-fish and half-women, but they say that the most dangerous are the three bird-women. They like to lure nearby sailors with their enchanting songs to shipwreck on the coast of their rocky island.  The Sirens’ home with its sharp rocky shore has a large meadow of flowers not too far inland. The  song of these creatures are  indeed luring, but the scent they carry from the meadow is incredible.  You never hear much about their scent, but it is true.

The next morning one of the crew spotted a rocky island on the horizon.  As they came closer, not only did they hear music and song, but there was a floral scent on the air, mixed with the scent of the sea.   Magellan woke late that morning to realize his men were under an enchantment.   Magellan had read that a Captain named Odysseus had saved his ship by stuffing the ears of his sea man with beeswax.  Unfortunately Magellan had no beeswax, so he quickly started stuffing his crew’s ears with the morning’s stale porridge, it worked and the men came to their senses only to have to tie down poor Magellan, for the last of the porridge was gone.   The ship and crew made it out of the sirens’ range and continued their voyage, but the dear Captain still dreams of their scent and song.

And so, I can’t bring you the music of the Sirens’,  but I think the Sirens’ Song Soap could also  haunt your memory, just remember not to founder on the rocks and sail straight and true.

Lori Curry ~Magellan’s Gift™~ Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!

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