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Handcrafted Soap for Dec 24

December 23, 2011
Mojito Soap ~ a lime & spearmint handcrafted soap from Magellan’s Gift!

Last chance for the year for  purchasing Magellan’s Gift™ Soap.   I’ll be at the Harrisonburg, VA Farmers Market on Christmas Eve from 9AM to Noon.   Sales this season have been strong and many of my soaps are now sold out.  I’ve made sure to have three batches of soap to come off a four week cure just for Christmas Eve.  So you can still have the pick of the nicest bars if you come early.

I will start back selling at the farmers market January 7.   By February, I hope to have several new soaps and Valentines gift boxes for your loved ones.
Happy holidays!   May your New Year be filled with joy, adventure and discovery!
Lori Curry
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  1. December 26, 2011 4:34 AM

    Lori, these soaps are beautiful.. I keep trying to swirl but I’m learning it takes a lot of practice to make beautiful swirls and get the swirling to be in the entire bar.


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