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Handcrafted Soap – Dangerous Waters? Let Warm Bubbles Surround You!

December 9, 2014
New! Dangerous Waters, a  handcrafted swirled soap created by Magellan's Gift

Dangerous Waters – a handcrafted swirled soap created by Magellan’s Gift™

Now I know Magellan, the explorer,  could tell you about dangerous waters, mutiny, as well as the discovery of exotic lands and people.  He had that gift.  It is said that he could be quite the charmer too.  On the flag ship Trinidad, he made impassioned speeches, telling the crew that if they could persevere, riches and immortal fame would be theirs. He was very inspiring! You need that in life, someone cheering you on.  Sounds like a story is coming on . . .

I just have my 1960’s shower, but it does have water and it is an easy escape from both my quiet life and my scary crazy life.  My morning shower is often when my muse comes to me with creative ideas for soap.  So, I bring to you Dangerous Waters, a fine premier handcrafted soap!  It is scented with a pure essential oil blend of my own making.  You will breathe in cedar, 5 origin sandalwood, cardamom, ylang ylang and a touch of dark patchouli from India.  You will experience a creamy lather with a bit of scrubby texture from a swirl of tiny vanilla bean specks.  Now all you have to do is step into your shower, start washing, close your eyes and let the scent help you dream of tall ships and rough water.  Dream that you’re now having to navigate through a passage of high waves and cliffs;  your blood is pumping, you’re more alive then you have ever been. The wind is in your hair and the sun is at your back.  You’re scared, but you can do it!  And that is what it takes in the real world.  That’s what it takes to navigate dangerous waters of life – you have to make it an adventure!  If that doesn’t work go take another shower.

Dangerous Waters soap is a limited edition and will be available starting December 20, 2014.

May warm bubbles surround you as you navigate dangerous waters!

Lori Curry ~ Owner and Co-Creator of Magellan’s Gift™ ~ Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!

Located in McGaheysville, VA.  Available only at The Harrisonburg, Va Farmers Market.  Mail order welcome. Email:


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