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Dark Patchouli Scented Soap, Plus a Real Website for Online Sales!

January 22, 2015
Handcrafted Artisan Dark Patchouli Limited Edition for 2015

Handcrafted Artisan Dark Patchouli Scented Soap ~  Limited Edition for 2015

The Limited Edition Dark Patchouli scented soap is ready!

Patchouli, like a fine wine or a good shot of whiskey, only improves as the years go by–unlike citrus essential oil which can be uplifting, but fleeting.

This particular patchouli essential oil (purchased for this limited edition of soap) comes from India and is dark iron distilled and aged in an oak barrel from the year 2006.

The soap bars are swirled all the way through with sea clay, southwest clay and bamboo charcoal. A very striking batch of handcrafted soap with a creamy lather, perfect for the shower or bath.

Drum roll now . . . Magellan’s Gift™ e-commerce website is live! If you’re not local, it is now easier to shop for Magellan’s Gift™ handcrafted soap.   Just click on the link in the upper right hand corner of this blog or go to:

Two important things to know:

For all my Facebook followers and past customers you now have a password for 5% off of my online website prices. At check out, just type in “farmers market” in the coupon box and you will receive the 5% discount. So, basically you are getting my local farmers market prices.

The second important thing to know:  my current shipping prices are just what I pay. The shopping cart isn’t very smart. For orders under 12 bars of soap and over 3 bars, I ship with the new Priority Regional A boxes. This means I can ship to California for $9.97 and only $5.32 to Northern Virginia for 12 bars of soap! So, like I said, my shopping cart is not smart. When I get your order, I will adjust the price to my shipping cost. You will not be charged for any excessive shipping. Hopefully this will improve.

Lori Curry ~ Soap Maker ~ Magellan’s Gift™

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