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The Muse

June 9, 2016
Magellan's Gift Handcrafted Soap - The Muse - Patchouli, Spearmint and a dash of Clove Peppermint,

Magellan’s Gift Handcrafted Soap – The Muse is scented with patchouli, peppermint, spearmint and a dash of clove essential Oils.  The soap is enhanced with activated bamboo charcoal. The design is created by pouring soap on a gold primed impression mat.

For this version of The Muse Soap, I’ve added activated charcoal and kept the scent the same.  The charcoal gives it a little texture for a mild scrubby effect. Charcoal is supposed to be detoxing and  is often found in soap.  I know of no way to prove this claim, so I will let you decide. This soap has superior cleansing properties without leaving your skin dry. The bonus is the pleasant scent it leaves on your skin.

All for Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!

Lori Curry – Magellan’s Gift™

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