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Natural Scum Buster!

June 19, 2016

I wrote this many years ago, but I’ve had several request to post this again!

Real soap is almost manna from heaven, but like all good things there is a downside.   Well, that is unless you have soft water.  I tell myself that I am so lucky that I have such hard water–after all, it is important to test soap in the worst of conditions!

My scum & germ busters

Soap scum is from the minerals in water reacting with soap.  This is (sadly) one of the reasons detergents became so popular.  My skin prefers real soap;   my lack of time for cleaning admires detergents.    I think I’ve found the solution and I been testing this for over a month now and I’m pretty pleased.  I work very long days and nights and  keeping up with the housework is a major challenge for me.

My shower is a 1970’s plastic job with swan embossed glass doors and a nasty track that produces grunge that someday may grow a life saving  new drug, but mostly likely not!  When I bought the house I swore it would the be the first of many remodeling  jobs.  It still greets me every morning!

My 1970 Swan Shower Door

First, a disclaimer;  I have only tried this on my shower bath made of cheap plastic.  You will need to research whether this is a good idea for your type of stall.  Ask your manufacturer or someone more  knowledgable then me.

So you need to start with a clean surface!  I bought two pretty  spray bottles from my local Lowes.  Peroxide does best in a solid or dark colored bottle .   Fill one with the cheapest white vinegar you can buy.  Fill the other with 3% peroxide  (which you can buy at the grocery store.)  Do not pre-mix! 

After I shower, I mist the stall with one after the other,  it doesn’t matter the order.  That is it.  Somehow it works as a preventative.  It also kills all sorts of bacteria.   You will need to clean again, but you will go much longer between cleanings.   It also works great on the toilet.  Once a day when the toilet is flushed before it fills back up, lift the seat and mist all around, including the seat and hope no one sits on it before it dries.  Wiping the seat would be polite, but it works without doing that either too.

Go to the link below, this is what inspired me to try this in the bath.  I’ve been using it for years in the kitchen.

The latest of my five sandalwood soap!

So even I can make cleaning an adventure with discovery too!

Lori Curry ~ Magellan’s Gift™ ~  Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!

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