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The Good Ship Victoria ~ The Survivor ~ a handcrafted soap!

February 26, 2015
the victoria 019bestcard

The Good Ship Victoria, a Magellan’s Gift™ handcrafted soap scented with grapefruit, lavender, peppermint, rose geranium and Persian lime essential oil.

This winter has been a tough one here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  We have had long weeks of bitter cold, wind chill and now: more snow.  This time of year  I want spring, so my new soap needed to have a happy scent that is uplifting and light.  I also wanted something that makes me feel like a survivor, so naturally, I thought of Magellan’s Ship, the Victoria. The Victoria was the only surviving ship out five that completed its journey and brought back the epic tale of circumnavigation of the world.

To create a new scent, I work a drop at time, slowly evaluating the blend.  I’m not a perfumer, but I admire those that I know and the complexity of their craft.  In this blend, there are no base notes, just lots of high notes and a mid note or two.  I think you will find that grapefruit, lavender, peppermint, rose geranium and Persian lime give this soap a pleasingly soft citrus, almost floral scent with just a touch of peppermint to spice it up.  This scent is perfect now, but citrus scents are fleeting, so you want to use this soap within three months for the best effect in the shower.  It is my current favorite with a beautiful natural color of just the ingredients poured on a imprint mat.

Sailing onwards to spring!

Lori Curry ~ Magellan’s Gift™ ~ Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!

Winter is hard to love right now!

February 20, 2015
Soap Saver/holder

Soap saver or holders for Magellan’s Gift™ handcrafted soap!


Unless the windy snow forecast for tomorrow changes, I will not be vending at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. I will be in market withdrawal . . . it just isn’t a good week without seeing you all at the Market! Stay warm and safe.

The winter weather also delayed these babies from arriving! The UPS man finally made it up the driveway to deliver my new soap savers/dishes/holders for the website! These are very cool! They are made from up-cycled, sanitized disposable chopsticks and are created, as all my website soap dishes, here in the USA. They truly are Chopstick Art as their brand name states. They fold flat which will make shipping them a breeze. The larger ones will be used at the market for displays. I’ve carefully selected soap holders that are designed to make any soap last longer by allowing them to breath and not sit in a puddle of water and melt. I think their design complements my soap too.

Look for them at along with my other soap savers and of course soap!

P.S.  You can still save 5% off on my website prices by using the code farmers market in the coupon box at check out!

Yours Truly,

Lori Curry ~ Magellan’s Gift™ ~ Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!

Dark Patchouli Scented Soap, Plus a Real Website for Online Sales!

January 22, 2015
Handcrafted Artisan Dark Patchouli Limited Edition for 2015

Handcrafted Artisan Dark Patchouli Scented Soap ~  Limited Edition for 2015

The Limited Edition Dark Patchouli scented soap is ready!

Patchouli, like a fine wine or a good shot of whiskey, only improves as the years go by–unlike citrus essential oil which can be uplifting, but fleeting.

This particular patchouli essential oil (purchased for this limited edition of soap) comes from India and is dark iron distilled and aged in an oak barrel from the year 2006.

The soap bars are swirled all the way through with sea clay, southwest clay and bamboo charcoal. A very striking batch of handcrafted soap with a creamy lather, perfect for the shower or bath.

Drum roll now . . . Magellan’s Gift™ e-commerce website is live! If you’re not local, it is now easier to shop for Magellan’s Gift™ handcrafted soap.   Just click on the link in the upper right hand corner of this blog or go to:

Two important things to know:

For all my Facebook followers and past customers you now have a password for 5% off of my online website prices. At check out, just type in “farmers market” in the coupon box and you will receive the 5% discount. So, basically you are getting my local farmers market prices.

The second important thing to know:  my current shipping prices are just what I pay. The shopping cart isn’t very smart. For orders under 12 bars of soap and over 3 bars, I ship with the new Priority Regional A boxes. This means I can ship to California for $9.97 and only $5.32 to Northern Virginia for 12 bars of soap! So, like I said, my shopping cart is not smart. When I get your order, I will adjust the price to my shipping cost. You will not be charged for any excessive shipping. Hopefully this will improve.

Lori Curry ~ Soap Maker ~ Magellan’s Gift™

Charity and Magellan’s Gift™ soap!

January 9, 2015
Charity Jars

Charity jars and soap made from the last of the pot scrapping.

Last fall I added three charity jars to my table at my Harrisonburg, VA Farmers Market booth. These are for spare change and occasionally I have soap for donation. The jars are containers that my lye (sodium hydroxide) arrive in. They now get used twice before ending up in a recycling bin! The soaps are made with the last scrapping of my buckets, squeeze bottles and cups. When making soap you have to move very fast and I don’t always have time to get every last bit out. So, for charity and to not overload my septic system, I’ve found a solution of scrapping out the remaining soap after the main batches are made. The goal is to have 3 charities to chose from, with at least one local charity. Friends of the North Fork is the first to be counted and a check will go to them for $38.05. I will have another local environmental charity to take its place soon. Starting this Saturday, a new jar will be on my table for the Second Home. This non-profit, community-supported organization provides a safe place for kids to go, learn and receive help with homework, reading and math to ensure academic success. You can learn more about Second Home on their website:

Don’t worry, if you don’t live local, my mail order customers may be gifted a pot scrapping soap with their order. Think about donating to your favorite charity!

Lori Curry ~ Magellan’s Gift™ ~ Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!


Magellan’s Gift™ wishes you a Happy New Year, plus musings and a new creation in handcrafted soap!

January 1, 2015
Handcrafted Soap Scented with lavender mint

Magellan’s Gift ™ handcrafted soap scented with lavender and mint essential oils

Happy New Year!  Farewell to a year of sacrifice, courage, retirement jitters, extreme joy, sad loss, wonderful slow mornings with coffee and beautiful sunrises!  Magellan’s Gift™ continues to slowly and surely grow.  I’ve met lots of new people and reconnected with old friends.   And . . . a crazy muse seems to be driving me to be more creative with an obsession with bubbles.

2015’s plan is to have controlled growth of my micro soap company, Magellan’s Gift™. I need to make quality soap smarter and faster – to allow for the good things in life. Improved record and bookkeeping or bust! Back to having fun with my beloved dogs, Aero and Race.  Go somewhere for an escape (possible travel?).  Make time for sunrises and sunsets.  Smell the roses!

Also, many thanks for all of those that make my micro soap company possible!

Today’s pictures feature the latest soap creation!  This is a lavender mint scented soap poured on a food grade silicone mat. Here are some pictures of the process:


A brand new food grade silicone mat placed on the bottom of my HDPE divider slab mold.

The dividers go into the mold after the soap is poured, but here I'm taking a sneak peak to see what might get

The dividers go into the mold after the soap is poured, but I’m taking a quick peak to see what the bars will look like when they are done.

This is the mold turned upside down, the bottom is removed and the silicone liner is peeled off.  So pleased!

This is the mold turned upside down, the bottom is removed and the silicone liner is peeled off. I’m so pleased!

Magellan’s Gift™ Soap scented with lavender mint will be available starting January 24, 2015!

Lori Curry ~ Soap Maker ~

A view of my booth for handcrafted soap!

December 26, 2014
Magellan's Gift™ display at the Harrisonburg, VA Farmers Market

Magellan’s Gift™ display at the Harrisonburg, VA Farmers Market

I hope everyone had a great winter holiday, no matter what their spiritual beliefs. Kwanzaa starts today for a week long celebration! If you go to you can learn how many cultures celebrate this time of year!

Handcrafted Soap available for Saturday, Dec 27 – subject to rapid change:

Dangerous Waters, The Seafarer, Sirens’ Song, Rosemary Mint (4 left), Hemp in the Meadow, Spirit Tree, Orange Patchouli, Spiced Fire, Spearmint, Tomato Festival, Lavender, Ocean Mint, Dark Forest (on sale $4.75), West Indies Bay, Here comes the Sun, Grapefruit Patchouli, The Trinidad, Mediterranean Salt and Cardamom Rose Geranium.

Also available – a few jars of Wish Away Bubbles™

For those that are new to my blog; I sell at the Harrisonburg, VA Farmers Market located across from the Daily News Record at 228 S Liberty street year round. Winter hours are from 9AM to 1PM.

Hope to see you there!

Lori Curry – Magellan’s Gift™

Magellan’s Gift™ Wish Away Bubbles™

December 19, 2014
Magellan's Gift ™ Wish Away Bubbles!

Magellan’s Gift Wish Away Bubbles™

New product development!

A bit of a tease, but I’ll have my Wish Away Bubbles™ at the Market for testing. The bubbles are a secret recipe made with Eco dish soap and the wands are from my crazy muse who makes me do these things. Many years ago, I was at a seminar for building confidence.  In the show ring, the speaker suggested visualizing a bubble and picturing your fear inside the bubble and then: pop it!

Well, being a soap maker, I had to try my hand at making bubbles. Real soap is great for the skin; detergent is better for bubbles. Eco dish detergent, that has no phosphates and biodegrades, was my choice for the project, but that alone won’t make great bubbles. Here’s where a little chemistry helps and after a few mistakes and some comparing of recipes, I got it. A Eureka moment!

The wands needed to be fanciful and fun. These aren’t for little kids, if you are worried about getting old, these are guaranteed to prevent maturity! Notice, I didn’t say blowing bubbles will keep you from getting old . . .

OK, dip the wand (shell) into the solution and blow gently and visualizing your worst fear.  Bubbles will form through the shell, sometimes quite a few, if you have lots of problems.  When the bubble pops – let the fear go!

You can also breathe wishes into the bubble and when it pops say: done deal or, make it so!

Bubble blown with a shell wand!

Bubble blown with a shell wand!

I will have Wish Away Bubbles™ at the Harrisonburg, VA Farmers Market this Saturday, Dec 20, 2014 for a sneak peak and testing!  Hope to see you there!   Lori Curry


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